The start of a new era

Publish on 4 January 2021

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As the year 2021 begins, I keep thinking of old song by Renée Claude: “C’est le début d’un temps nouveau, la terre est à l’année zero” (It’s the start of a new era, and the Earth is at year zero).

These words reflect the motivation that’s driven me since the start of this great upheaval: finding ways to turn negatives into positives. Many people just want to put the year 2020 behind them. But it provided us with an opportunity to take on real  challenges. We ere able to reset our expectations, question the status quo and begin an exciting transformation. We had to be extremely adaptable and imaginative in coming up with new approaches. Although the Biophare had to close for many months, our team was able to work remotely and complete a number of major projects. We created a new traveling exhibition, along with an activity booklet and a publication on the St. Lawrence. Paintings and texts by students from the region who participated in workshops before the museum was closed were displayed in Regard-sur-le-Fleuve park throughout the summer and fall. We upgraded our equipment to boost our efficiency in carrying out projects and offer spaces better adapted to all sorts of activities. When the Biophare reopened last summer, we offered day camps for children over a seven-week period while complying with the health measures required by the government.  

We’ve hired a Head of Communications and Marketing, enabling the Biophare to improve its online presence and boost its visibility on various media. A Cultural Mediator also joined our team. Together with the Head of Activities, she has helped us diversify our programs.

The team is currently redesigning the entire Biophare website to align it with current standards. This transactional and informational website will enable us to build closer ties with our clients and better meet their needs.

I’d like to thank the members of the Board of Directors for their enthusiasm and support. We’ve all become experts at holding Zoom meetings! I’d also like to thank all our members and the partner organizations that contribute to the Biophare’s success.

We look forward to seeing you again when we reopen!

Anne-Marie Dulude, Director