About us

The Biophare is a museum accredited by the Ministry of Culture and Communications. It’s located in a prime position in Regard-sur-le-Fleuve park.

The Biophare stands near the mouth of the Richelieu River and has a magnificent view of the St. Lawrence. It celebrates the natural and cultural heritage of the Lake Saint-Pierre biosphere reserve.


In 1992, to mark the 350th anniversary of the City of Sorel-Tracy, the city council decided to create a regional-level museum for the community. Backed by financial contributions from the federal and provincial governments, the City of Sorel-Tracy began work on a building known as the Centre d’interprétation du patrimoine de Sorel.

To operate this institution and help the region make the most of it, a group of nine people set up the Corporation soreloise du patrimoine régional. This organization originally opened the museum under the same name as the building itself. In 2009, as part of an effort to promote the regional scope of the institution, the board of directors of the Corporation soreloise du patrimoine régional decided to rename the museum. After an extensive public consultation process, it became known as the Biophare. This name emphasizes the living aspects of the site and its ability to communicate an inspiring, innovative vision of the vibrant heritage of the larger Pierre-De Saurel region. The name change was aligned with the higher global profile of the Lake Saint-Pierre region resulting from its recognition as a biosphere reserve by UNESCO.


As the only museum in the Pierre-De Saurel regional county municipality, the Biophare uses exhibitions and activities to raise awareness about the natural and cultural heritage of the region, the Lake Saint-Pierre biosphere reserve and the St. Lawrence River.






Mission of the Corporation soreloise du patrimoine régional

The Corporation soreloise du patrimoine régional’s mission is to enable the Biophare to represent itself as a relevant, original and professional museum that communicates a dynamic vision of the human, cultural and natural environment that surrounds it. In tandem with this responsibility, the Corporation is also dedicated to building collections and documenting, preserving and promoting the diverse heritage of the Pierre-De Saurel region.

Mission of the Biophare

The Biophare’s mission involves communicating a dynamic, modern view of the rich and multi-faceted heritage of the Sorel-Tracy area, the Pierre-De Saurel region and the Lake Saint-Pierre biosphere reserve. As such, the Biophare fosters education and promotes openness to the world by presenting exhibitions and developing activities that highlight the vibrant and diverse local environment.

Corporation soreloise du patrimoine régional

The board of directors of the Corporation soreloise du patrimoine régional | Biophare is made up of the following members (as at 16/12/2020):

Anne Laganière, Chair
Pierre Ceretti, Vice-Chair
Ghislaine Cartier, Treasurer
Martine Rondeau, Secretary (institutional member)
Bertrand Péloquin (corporate member)
Paul Larochelle
René Lachapelle
Line Latour
Laurence Lemoine, employee representative

Anne-Marie Dulude, Director
450-780-5740, ext. 3020

Sonia Boivin, Administrative Assistant
450-780-5740, ext. 3007

Linda Bélisle, Head of Activities
450-780-5740, ext. 3005

Laurence Lemoine, Head of Communications and Marketing
450-780-5740, ext. 3003

Mathilde Tousignant, Cultural Mediator
450 780-5740, ext. 3002

Serge Roy, Maintenance
450 780-5740

Seasonal employees

Yves Marchand, guide and captain of the Randonnée nature
JiCi Lauzon, guide and captain of the Randonnée nature

Student jobs

Seven or eight students join our team each summer season in the positions of head facilitator or facilitator/guide. They welcome visitors to the museum, give tours of the exhibitions and lead the day camps for children thanks to the Canadian government programs Young Canada Works and Canada Summer Jobs.