Sous l’œil de Marc Ross, témoin de la nature

While letting the water carry him along, photographer Marc Ross used his keen powers of observation to capture some truly magical natural moments. In this exhibition, he shares those moments with us.

Visitors will be dazzled by the wide range of photos with their vibrant colours, from the icy blues of a winter landscape to the golden light of a summer morning. 

These eye-catching images quickly draw the eye, inviting visitors to come on a journey. Around the bend of a channel, they can witness  throngs of splendid, colourful birds living in harmony in their natural habitat. 

Inspired by these magnificent photographs, three authors also joined the adventure, penning short texts about their favourite images. Louis Caron’s words took the form of philosophical tales, while Johanne Girard wrote luminous poetry and JiCi Lauzon came up with a surprising series of humorous vignettes.

This exhibition bears witness to a photographer’s encounter with nature, and to the relationship between images and words—providing a series of dazzling glimpses into the natural world. 

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