ÉducÔphare: Our activities team

Publish on 10 March 2021

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Our permanent exhibitions L’observatoire du lac Saint-Pierre and L’appel du large, along with a temporary exhibition that changes every year, allow our activities team to present a variety of inspiring topics. We’re committed to offering activities aligned with the Biophare’s objectives.

The Lake Saint-Pierre region was recognized by UNESCO as a biosphere reserve in 2000. Collectively and individually, we are responsible for protecting and preserving this magnificent natural environment and its rich biodiversity. Through a thousand and one small actions, we contribute to taking care of our environment. Our quality of life depends on it.

The school activities presented at the Biophare are intended for everyone and are adapted to different age groups. We welcome CEGEP or university professors who want to give a hands-on demonstration of concepts in such fields as geography or archeology.

We invite childcare centres (CPEs) to participate in activities tailored to the interests of their age group. Animals of all kinds have an enduring appeal for young children, and we can start teaching them about the importance of taking care of flora and fauna and showing how they can take action.

We also have special activities for clients age 60 and over. We offer guided visits and painting workshops. Groups can also come enjoy a meal in our Solarium while enjoying a view of the lush marsh in summer. Meals can be brought in or ordered from one of our excellent local restaurants. A member of the activity team can take care of the arrangements. We also offer workshops with activities tailored to the interests and abilities of people with special needs.

We’re committed to designing activities, workshops and events for the entire population. Everyone has a place here, and our exhibitions are sure to spark curiosity and encourage visitors to learn more, in line with their tastes and experience.

Linda Bélisle, Head of Activities