The Biophare’s Top 10 for 2021

Publish on 8 January 2021

Rosalie Laplante

Rosalie Laplante,

Responsable aux communications et au marketing
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After the unprecedented year we’ve all been through, we’d like to share our Top 10 objectives for 2021. These objectives will help us communicate the vision, mission and values of our museum through our digital platforms and by other means.

1. Engage in more communication with the public.

Social media, newsletters, blogs, online videos—we’re ready!

2. Be a key contributor to the tourism and cultural sector of the Montérégie region.

Did you know that the Biophare is the only accredited museum in the Pierre-De Saurel RCM? That’s something to be proud of!

3. Build new partnerships and create new opportunities for our institution.

Refresh our permanent exhibitions, develop new exhibitions or rent exhibitions that reflect our mission.

4. Generate public interest in the unique natural environment of the Lake Saint‑Pierre biosphere reserve and the challenges it faces.

Recognized by UNESCO since the year 2000, this territory is a shared responsibility and a source of regional pride.

5. Raise awareness about eco-citizenship and protecting the environment.

Fauna and flora are just as important as we are. We need to learn to live together with nature so we can preserve a healthy environment for future generations.

6. Offer a wide range of fun, educational activities for the whole family.

We’re developing all sorts of activities for spring and summer 2021!

7. Develop educational activities for students at all levels and for clients with special needs.

Teachers, stay tuned: we’re hard at work on some great activities for your students!

8. Offer local, unique and eco-friendly products in our boutique.

We look forward to presenting our new products.

9. Recruit new members who will enjoy a number of attractive benefits while supporting an NPO.

Why not do a good deed while giving back to the community?

10. Help you discover our magnificent new traveling exhibition, Nature of the St. Lawrence, which will be presented at other museums in Quebec as of September 2021.

Don’t miss your chance to see it when it comes to your region!

Change is on the horizon

Despite the unusual circumstances we’re dealing with as the year begins, we’re staying positive. We believe this new decade will bring many changes for the Biophare. We will keep working hard to offer you new content, a new boutique and exciting cultural and educational activities in 2021. Stay tuned!  

Emilie Noël-A., Head of Communications and Marketing