Nature of the St. Lawrence

It reveals the beauty of the habitats, flora and fauna of the St. Lawrence, from the Great Lakes to the gulf. It highlights the natural assets of this mighty waterway and the challenges we face in protecting them.

This traveling exhibition will be displayed in the Biophare’s temporary exhibition room until August 31, 2021.

Visitors are immersed in an environment that evokes by turns the ice age thousands of years ago, the surging waves of the river and the lighthouses that stand guard along its shores. The decor makes visitors feel as if they’re riding along on the river. Stunning photographs help showcase the dazzling biodiversity of the St. Lawrence. Visitors will also appreciate the opportunity to closely examine some impressive natural objects, or ecofacts: the vertebra of a minke whale, a puffin beak and a porpoise skull, as well as fossils dating back 465 million years.

The purpose of this exhibition is to help visitors understand that the St. Lawrence is a rich yet fragile ecosystem. The efforts of scientists and regular people to protect it are presented in a series of video interviews. In addition to being passionate about the St. Lawrence, the interview subjects are leaders in their field and are skilled at presenting their knowledge to the general public.

The exhibition also has a fun side that makes it more accessible to children. They are given a free activity booklet and encouraged to explore the exhibition together with two colourful characters—a great blue heron and a puffin. The booklet helps children understand the topics presented while having fun. The two characters can also be seen at various points in the exhibition. They ask children questions to stimulate their sense of observation, helping make the exhibition a fun outing for the whole family.

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