Contemplating the Changing Seasons

Guided by their deep love of nature and armed with their cameras, the couple known as Domianick capture various moments of the day and of the year in a moving series of photos featuring landscapes, plants and animals.

This exhibition has been displayed in the Biophare’s temporary exhibition room since October 17, 2021.

Capturing fleeting moments, immortalizing the ephemeral and revealing the imperceptible. – Domianick

This immersive exhibition features 42 photos and four amazing videos that lead visitors through the seasons. The talented photographic team shows how landscapes transform from tender spring greens to the rich colours of summer, then to the warm hues of fall and the purplish tones of winter. Close-up shots give an exclusive look at the subtle details of birds and their plumage or the wings of dragonflies and butterflies. The composition of certain photos highlights the power of their subjects—lichen, tree trunks, a dense forest.

The soundtrack of the videos adds another dimension to the exhibition, highlighting the changing seasons. The sounds of water trapped under the ice, waves lapping against the shoreline, the wind rustling through the trees and birds singing help reproduce the many aspects of nature as it changes through the seasons. By giving visitors to the exhibition an opportunity to contemplate their collection of images, Domianick aim to inform, raise awareness and teach people about the beauty of nature, while encouraging them to protect it and preserve our fragile environment.

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