Clients with special needs

*Our activities are offered in French only.
Fun, educational workshop for clients with special needs

J’aime chanter en français

Description of activity

Do you like to sing, clap your hands and tap your feet? J’aime chanter en français is an activity we’ve developed for clients with special needs.

Outline of activity

During this workshop, participants will be able to express their interests, tastes and preferences through song. Musical artists will be presented (diaporama) and participants will be encouraged to tap their feet to the beat of a traditional musical score.


  • Discover new musical artists
  • Share your musical tastes and preferences with others
  • Express yourself through song
  • Use your voice and move your body in time with the music

Target audience

Clients with intellectual or physical disabilities, visual impairments or autism (children and adults). Feel free to contact us to find out what we can offer.




90 minutes


Maximum 10 to 15 students

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