Children of the Biophare

Publish on 20 April 2021

Mathilde Tousignant

Mathilde Tousignant,

Médiatrice culturelle
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I’d like to tell you about what I call the children of the Biophare. Since 1995, students have come to help present the Biophare’s exhibitions.

They visit our temporary or permanent exhibitions, learn all about them, then pass their knowledge on to other visitors. Since its creation, the Biophare has offered cultural and educational activities for children in the region. When they’re old enough to look for a job, some of these children become guides and facilitators at the museum they’ve known for so long. At the Biophare, students develop self‑confidence and the ability to communicate with the public. Many of these facilitators come back summer after summer because of their emotional bond with the Biophare.

When they take a job at the Biophare, young people enjoy the satisfaction of enhancing the experience for others, develop their minds by acquiring a wide range of knowledge, build team spirit through solid relationships with colleagues and get involved in all of our traditions. It’s a unique work experience.

After four years of experience as a head facilitator, and now in my position as Cultural Mediator, the Biophare is like a home away from home. I really feel valued on this team. I’ve had many interesting conversations with the children and adults I’ve met and with the groups I’ve led. I’m very proud to be making a difference for an organization that is dedicated to promoting culture and education in our region.

Mathilde Tousignant, Cultural Mediator