Navigating the St. Lawrence

The majestic St. Lawrence has long posed an enormous challenge to navigation. A number of obstacles block passage along this great artery linking the Atlantic to the heart of North America. This exhibition presents the innovations that made it possible to navigate the river. You’ll discover how technological advances helped in the development of maritime transport

L’appel du large

This exhibition presents the history of shipbuilding and weapons manufacturing in the Sorel region. First, it gives an overview of the main shipyards that existed in the region before Marine Industries Limited was established. Then, it shows how that company stood out for more than 50 years because of its prolific production of many kinds

The human side of Lake Saint-Pierre

Explore the Lake Saint-Pierre region, which was recognized as a biosphere reserve by UNESCO in 2000 to highlight the exceptional natural features of its ecosystem and the importance of implementing sound management practices in the region. Dive into the rich, varied habitats of this enormous lake, explore the region’s industries, marshes, swamps and farmland, and

Waters of Life

Lake Saint-Pierre was designated a biosphere reserve by UNESCO in 2000. This recognition was due to a number of characteristics, including the fact that this ecosystem is among the most studied by Canadian scientists. The Waters of Life virtual exhibition, produced by the Biophare together with Université de Montréal, focuses on the fauna and flora