Allégories biocentriques

Serge Roy, artiste contemporain, puise sa créativité dans la découverte d’objets, qu’ils soient artificiels ou issus de la nature, dévoilant ainsi leur poésie intrinsèque. Son œuvre se révèle à travers la transformation et la mise en contexte de ces éléments, révélant ainsi des significations cachées. Roy explore le potentiel artistique latent dans le monde qui

Contemplating the Changing Seasons

Guided by their deep love of nature and armed with their cameras, the couple known as Domianick capture various moments of the day and of the year in a moving series of photos featuring landscapes, plants and animals. This exhibition has been displayed in the Biophare’s temporary exhibition room since October 17, 2021. Capturing fleeting

Germaine Guèvremont and the Outlander

This exhibition presents an overview of the life and work of author Germaine Guèvremont, whose novels Le Survenant and Marie-Didace (translated into English as a single volume under the name The Outlander) are considered classics of Quebec literature. The literary quality of these novels is made evident by the many awards they’ve received over the

Sous l’œil de Marc Ross, témoin de la nature

While letting the water carry him along, photographer Marc Ross used his keen powers of observation to capture some truly magical natural moments. In this exhibition, he shares those moments with us. Visitors will be dazzled by the wide range of photos with their vibrant colours, from the icy blues of a winter landscape to

Nature of the St. Lawrence

It reveals the beauty of the habitats, flora and fauna of the St. Lawrence, from the Great Lakes to the gulf. It highlights the natural assets of this mighty waterway and the challenges we face in protecting them. This traveling exhibition will be displayed in the Biophare’s temporary exhibition room until August 31, 2021. Visitors