Le Biophare présente la conférence « Le dernier Caribou » de Michel Leboeuf

Le Biophare est honoré de présenter la conférence exceptionnelle de « Le dernier caribou » de Michel Leboeuf le 4 février 2024 à 13 h 30. Cette conférence, animée par le biologiste et auteur lauréat du prix Hubert-Reeves, explorera de manière approfondie les moyens de protéger les milieux naturels auxquels sont liés tous les êtres vivants. Le public aura l’opportunité

Children of the Biophare

I’d like to tell you about what I call the children of the Biophare. Since 1995, students have come to help present the Biophare’s exhibitions. They visit our temporary or permanent exhibitions, learn all about them, then pass their knowledge on to other visitors. Since its creation, the Biophare has offered cultural and educational activities

ÉducÔphare: Our activities team

Our permanent exhibitions L’observatoire du lac Saint-Pierre and L’appel du large, along with a temporary exhibition that changes every year, allow our activities team to present a variety of inspiring topics. We’re committed to offering activities aligned with the Biophare’s objectives. The Lake Saint-Pierre region was recognized by UNESCO as a biosphere reserve in 2000.

2021 cultural program

As the Biophare’s new activities team, Linda Bélisle and I want to develop a dynamic environment that can quickly adapt to change—especially in these uncertain times, when we never know what tomorrow might bring. To deal with the pandemic, we’ve had to be very flexible. During the 2020 summer season, we adapted our activities for

The Biophare’s Top 10 for 2021

After the unprecedented year we’ve all been through, we’d like to share our Top 10 objectives for 2021. These objectives will help us communicate the vision, mission and values of our museum through our digital platforms and by other means. 1. Engage in more communication with the public. Social media, newsletters, blogs, online videos—we’re ready! 2.